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One of our Bestseller collection is back in stock with new colours. 

Arika is perfect if you need a statement piece to wear to an event. Its crystals are intricately handsewn individually to the shawl. Only using high brilliance crystals you can be sure the glam it gives to any outfit.   






Arika 2.0

  • Material : Chiffon

    Measurements : 2m x 0.70m

    Features : High brilliance crytals are intricately handsewn onto the shawl as the main focus on the shawl. Pleats are manually sewn to add depth to the draping of the shawl.


    Just 4 easy steps and you’re good to go:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

    1 - Placed the shawl with 1 end long (the beaded end) and the other one short.

    2 - Adjust the lengths of both ends so that beads fall nicely over your shoulder.

    3 - Secure the short length with Mini-Me pins on the inside, behind your ear.

    4 - Then adjust the front of the shawls to your desired coverage. Last, pin the shawl down at your shoulder and at the side of your head to secure the shawl. You’re done!

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